Another Gold Mine!

Many people have been here and some haven’t. Either way, I’ve never seen it rocked like this 😉

After conspiring for about a week Teresa and I made it out to this shoot late last week. The weather was beautiful, batteries were fully charged, gear was packed, Teresa had her wedding gown, hair and makeup done…… it was perfect. Then, of course, we got there and the work began! If you’ve never carried 100+ lbs of gear for a half mile over tailing piles…. I’ll save you the headache….It’s not fun! lol We both hated rocks that day. But, we made it, got the gear onto the dredge and got started. We scouted locations for light and scenery, I setup gear, she got into dress and we began! We had quite a few ideas but only so much time. If her poor dress ever gets back to looking normal again there may be a part 2!

The shoot went pretty well. I applaud Teresa for being as brave as she was (is!). I only had one idea that she looked at me like I was crazy! However, she agreed to do it in bare feet. Something about wearing 4 inch heals to walk out on a 6 inch “I” beam. A small misstep would result in falling at least 75 feet to a rock quarry! Fighting off at least a billion mosquitos, stink bugs and flies is normal around here. It just comes with the territory! The rotten wood decks, broken glass, and almost rolling off a ledge to an 80 foot drop…. not so much 🙂 But, it was all part of our day. In the end, we got the shots we were after.

Taking the time to do photo shoots like this is really important to us. Initially, it’s a blast! But is also gives us the ability to experiment, learn and grow. Doing new things often sparks a new level of creativity! On that note, enjoy the photos and we look forward to your comments!

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

If you’re not happy…..We’re not done!


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  1. Love the collage photo at the very end! Very cool 🙂

  2. Wow Chris, Those are amazing.
    Someday I’m doing something along the lines of this for my wedding. Scratch me in when the time comes?

  3. Thanks Ashley!
    Scratch you in? Of course! For you, anything 🙂

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