Boudoir for Christmas? We say, “Yes!”

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20% Military Discount on Boudoir Sessions!

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2012 Intern Applications are now being accepted!!

2012 Intern

It’s that time of the year again! We are now accepting applications for this summer’s Intern!!

If you have a genuine interest in pursuing a career in photography and want to spend the summer learning with Frozen Image then this is for you! Please follow the link below and fill out the online application. We can’t wait to meet with everyone and spend the summer sharing, shooting and having fun. The application process will close June 21, 2012 so apply now!

Here is the application!

We now have a Makeup Artist on Staff!!

Brielle McKenna, new to Fairbanks, is a professionally trained makeup artist from Los Angeles, California. For 6 years she has worked in the entertainment industry on TV, Movie, Music Video, and Photography shoots, and is repeatedly requested for Wedding services. What does this mean for you?

We now have an experienced, talented makeup artist available to help you look your best in photos. Brielle works hands on with you and us and will provide you with the “celebrity treatment”. Photography makeup requires certain products and techniques, not something just anyone can provide. Here’s what makes her different from others:

Your foundation will be airbrushed. Airbrushing is a Pro technique that applies a thin but effective veil of foundation over the skin which provides hygienic, flawless, and naturally beautiful coverage. Color is custom mixed to match your exact tone.

She will be on-location which means your makeup will be done at the shoot and she will be available for touch ups and changes if needed.

Makeup used is only of the highest, photo-ready quality, which is best not only for you but for the way your photos will turn out. Inexperiance and using low end products can make the photographer’s job much more difficult.

Your makeup design is expertly tailored to enhance your features, tones, and the effect or idea you want for your photo. You don’t get the “same look” with the “same colors” as every other person that walks through the door.

You can find Brielle’s website here

 Brielle has been doing a lot of makeup here over the past few weeks. Everyone loves her (not as much as we do!) and what she is able to do. We look forward to a long friendship and working relationship with her. Welcome to the family Bree!!

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

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“Tattoo Chronicles”

Every year we get into doing personal projects. Especially during winter. This year, we are doing something we have wanted to do for a long time! We have started our “Tattoo Chronicles”. This project does not have a time limit and we will continue it for sometime into the future. Basically, we want to showcase the art form of Tattooing in a sexy, edgy, modern kind of way. Mix our artistic style with another artistic style. So far, the 2 have blended well! As of now you can see images on our Facebook page but we will dedicate a section of our website to this soon!

We do also book sessions for this as well. “Tattoo Chronicles” sessions are limited because they are a free project that we do not charge for. We do them as we can. However, if you are proud of your ink, want to show it off and have creative, amazing artwork created by us……call us 🙂 

Either way, we are proud to announce to the world……

“Tattoo Chronicles” by Frozen Image Photo, LLC

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!
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August was fun!

We find ourselves at the end of another month. Not sure where it went but I do know that we’ve had a lot of fun 😉 Everyone who lives here knows that September can be the best month. Amazing weather and beautiful colors top my list of favorites. However, September also means the end of summer. It’s a bitter sweet month! No matter what, we’ll be here. Hot, cold, wet or dry…..we love this place we call home 🙂

Below is a very small sample of what we’ve been doing lately. We have posted some new videos this month too. If you haven’t seen them yet….they are awesome and worth the few minutes to watch them!! You can see them here on our YouTube channel or by looking under this post on our blog!

Enjoy the photos and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

If you’re not happy…..We’re not done!

More video! This time…..Cloey – Class of 2012!!

Some folks just have the ability to be in front of a camera. Cloey, is one of them! She was a blast to photograph. Beyond the photography I always enjoy getting to know the person. Their interests, goals, ambitions, and desires. Cloey has a great outlook on life and has big plans to make this a better place. We wish her the best of luck.

Now, back to the session! Wade (Cloey’s Dad) shot all the video of this session with our little point and shoot! It’s really fun having everyone involved and he did a great job! Thanks, Wade!!

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think!!

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

If you’re not happy…..We’re not done!!

Brayden’s Motocross session with Video!!

So, we have been having a blast around here! Location after location and creating amazing images. Luckily, we have been able to have Alana with us this summer and she has been creating lots of video during our sessions. In the end, you benefit! It’s a lot of fun to watch these videos 🙂

Now enjoy this video of Brayden and we’d love to hear any comments you have!!

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

If you’re not happy…..We’re not done!!

Meet Rachel……. a.k.a Roxanne!

About 2 years ago I was down at the shooting range. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big competitive handgun shooter. Rachel’s dad (Bob), comes down one evening and introduces me to his daughter, Rachel. We talk. We shoot. We go home. A week later I am back at the range and Bob drives up. He and his daughter get out of the truck. Me, being terrible at names, says “Hey bob”, “Hi Roxanne!”. She looked at me weird and says, “Hi Curtis!”. Since then we have been Roxanne and Curtis to each other. All of that to say that if you see any comments referring to ‘Curtis’ she is actually referring to me…..Chris 🙂

It has been a lot of fun but nowhere near as much fun as our photo shoot a few days ago! “Roxanne” was amazing and Bob was great to have there! He added a level of comfort and humor that was certainly welcome! All in all a great day.

Enjoy the photos and we look forward to any comments you have!!!

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

If you’re not happy…..We’re not done!

New stuff!

Hey there. I got up this morning and did the usual run through email, Facebook, returned messages, and then I realized…..I haven’t published any photos recently on the blog! I guess not everyone (not sure who!) has a facebook account. That seems to be where many of our images end up these days. So, all that being said, here are some images of our recent work! I’m off to do corporate headshots in the studio then back on location with a high school senior 🙂  Love what we do!!!

Thanks for looking!

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

If you’re not happy…..We’re not done!

Anna and some toys!!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Anna. She heard I could photograph people with their cars and was good at it 🙂 So, we sat down talked about her ideas, what she wanted to accomplish and we set the date. Last week we were battling rain, heavy clouds, cooler temperatures, and generally ugly weather (for a photo shoot anyway!). The morning of the shoot Anna called me……”what do you think?” she asked….it was raining! “Let’s hold on, it’s gonna clear up” I told her. In case it didn’t we were still going to do it! I put 60 gallons of water in my truck, towels, etc. Assuming the cars (which were detailed) would get dirty in the drive, we were going to wash them right before we photographed each one 🙂

Well, it cleared up! The temperature was perfect, clouds opened enough to let some sunshine through and the bugs were in full effect! I loaded the gear into the truck and headed out. It was almost an hour drive to the location we decided on. A great location though!

Setup was pretty basic. I had two lights and home made battery packs to run them at full power. Anna had her Corvette, Challenger, Harley and a few outfits. 4.5 hours later…. we had some pretty amazing images! Despite our best effort to find a road with little (or no) traffic we ended having to move the car and lights on a regular basis. A lot more traffic than we thought 😉 That’s a large reason it took so long. Setup, move it, setup, move it, setup, move it, etc, etc 😉

At the end of the day we had accomplished what we set out to do. Here are a few of my favorites! I look forward to any comments!!

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

If you’re not happy…..We’re not done!

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Another Gold Mine!

Many people have been here and some haven’t. Either way, I’ve never seen it rocked like this 😉

After conspiring for about a week Teresa and I made it out to this shoot late last week. The weather was beautiful, batteries were fully charged, gear was packed, Teresa had her wedding gown, hair and makeup done…… it was perfect. Then, of course, we got there and the work began! If you’ve never carried 100+ lbs of gear for a half mile over tailing piles…. I’ll save you the headache….It’s not fun! lol We both hated rocks that day. But, we made it, got the gear onto the dredge and got started. We scouted locations for light and scenery, I setup gear, she got into dress and we began! We had quite a few ideas but only so much time. If her poor dress ever gets back to looking normal again there may be a part 2!

The shoot went pretty well. I applaud Teresa for being as brave as she was (is!). I only had one idea that she looked at me like I was crazy! However, she agreed to do it in bare feet. Something about wearing 4 inch heals to walk out on a 6 inch “I” beam. A small misstep would result in falling at least 75 feet to a rock quarry! Fighting off at least a billion mosquitos, stink bugs and flies is normal around here. It just comes with the territory! The rotten wood decks, broken glass, and almost rolling off a ledge to an 80 foot drop…. not so much 🙂 But, it was all part of our day. In the end, we got the shots we were after.

Taking the time to do photo shoots like this is really important to us. Initially, it’s a blast! But is also gives us the ability to experiment, learn and grow. Doing new things often sparks a new level of creativity! On that note, enjoy the photos and we look forward to your comments!

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

If you’re not happy…..We’re not done!

Keep movin forward…..

Many of you know that I was down in Cincinnati about a week ago. For those that didn’t know….. I was 🙂 I made the trip down to take advantage of another photography learning experience. I’ve been doing this about 4 times a year. Not because I have lots of extra time and money but because we want to stay current with our techniques, abilities, equipment, trends, services and so on. That being said, we have also managed to work with, assist and shoot with some of the largest names in the industry. For example, in Cincinnati I worked with Joe Grimes, Lindsay Adler, Ed Pingol, Kevin Hudson, Dave Cross, Mark Fitzgibbons, and Dan McClanahan…. just to name a few! What does this mean for you? Well, I am pulling information, education and building my abilities (for you!) from some of the most amazing minds photography has! We have been inspired in ways we never imagined. We have also been fortunate enough to make many friends on our journey and are very thankful for them!

We expect this summer to be pretty amazing. We’re anxious to get things rolling. There’s a lot going on around here and you may even see some construction while you’re here. No worries though, it won’t interfere with any portraits efforts!! Frozen Image and My Diva Within are growing at an amazing rate and we need things around here to grow with them!

In the coming weeks the Class of 2012 will be receiving our annual mailing. We book our entire summer with high school seniors and love every minute of it! This year we are planning on doing a lot more location sessions! We can’t wait to see you all 😉

For now, I have more work to do and it can’t get done with my fingers on this keyboard! Here are a few images I created while I was in Cincinnati.   -Thanks again!

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

If you’re not happy…..We’re not done!

Say Hello to Tawni…… Again!

There are many professions in this country. But, where else can you take someone that isn’t getting paid (the model) and say…. “I want you to dress like it’s summer, although it’s just above zero with wind chill (!), let someone you don’t know do your hair and makeup, drive 45 minutes out of town, walk through the hills past snow, ice, mud and photograph you while looking like it’s warm although you’re freezing?” Well, it happens here 😉 Regularly! Tawni, simply put, is amazing! Every time we call, she answers! We have an idea, she loves it! We say the sky is blue, she says it’s bright blue….. you get the idea 🙂 All of this happened a few weeks ago and we put a shoot together. Cayla Socha agreed to do hair and makeup for us (awesome, thank you!). She even came on sight for touch ups! Our lovely new intern (Alana) came through to help us also! She was willing and able to shoot all the video once we hit the photo shoot. It was a great day. Cold on the ridge line but an awesome day! We really hope you enjoy this video. From start to finish it’s Frozen Image and how we do things! No  limits. No boundaries. Unique. Creative. Enjoy the video!!

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

If you’re not happy…..We’re not done!

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Meet our Intern!

 Allow us to introduce you to our 2011 summer Intern – Alana Whitener! She will be with us for 90 days this summer. Learning, assisting,  lighting, posing, having fun and most importantly….. getting a few steps closer to her dream!

Tanja and I put a lot into our decision and we feel Alana is a perfect match for what we are trying to do. We want to take someone with  basic photography skills and major passion, teach what we have spent thousands of dollars and most of our lives learning. We have been  very fortunate to meet professional (and amazing!) photographers from all over the country. Photographers who have taken their time to  answer  questions, critique our work, help us with trouble areas and give us their support. I have spent time one on one with photographers  that I’ve  admired and been inspired by for years. This has been something we value… a lot! Now it’s time for that to come full circle. It’s our  turn to  help!

Our goal with this program is to give back to the photography community. Teach those who are young in their photography careers. Teach  those that will carry the torch into the next generation. This  Intern program is the beginning of our giving back.

Many people applied to become our Intern. We are flattered at how many applicants we had! We feel that says a lot about us. So, to everyone,  thank you! Very much! Sadly, though, there can be only one at a time. The good news is the fact that we will continue this program into the  future. Hopefully more than once a year! It will, however, happen every summer.

We are also entertaining a few more ideas and opportunities for everyone to benefit. We will continue to grow and learn which means we  will always have new stuff to pass along. There will be more of that to come in the near future. See? Isn’t this exciting? 🙂

Alana will be given photo assignments on a regular basis to track her progress. All of these will be blogged as well so you can see too 🙂 As  techniques are taught we will provide her a model and the equipment and she gets to show off what she’s learned. Personally, I can wait for  that! I can’t wait to see her progression.

So, Alana, welcome to the Frozen Image Photography family! We are incredibly excited to have you here and can’t wait to start this process and watch you grow! Be creative, be you, and have fun!

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

If you’re not happy…..We’re not done!